Philosophy of Education - What and Why?

“What is Philosophy? Of what use is it in Education?” These questions were posed to philosophers from across the world who had gathered in Bangalore. 

This short film is an edited compilation of their responses.

Do large scale assessments tell us what children are learning? Is evidence based research in education of any use to teachers? What can we learn about Moral Education from the Gita? Why is privatization of schools problematic?

Teachers, parents, policy makers, teacher educators, or curriculum developers, are concerned with philosophical questions like these. At the same time, philosophers of education think about and write on these and other philosophical issues in education.

The Philosophy of Education Resource Portal (PoE Resource Portal) provides access to short films, articles, videos from contemporary debates that philosophers of education are engaged in. The portal is organized in the form of small sets of articles/videos that respond to particular issues, along with an introduction and an edited synopsis.