What is wrong with private schools?

What is wrong with privatization of schools?!

The opinion that schools should be driven by a free market and education should be treated like any other service or product has been gaining a lot of support in the recent past. At the same time, many people are deeply skeptical of education becoming an economic service and quality of education being the result of negotiation between parents and the school. 

Is this business like approach to education a good idea? What are its implications? What could an alternative stand be, and why?

Prof. Harry Brighouse

University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Whether schools are public or private is not the interesting issue; it is how well it serves the public purposes of education.

All schools are public schools, because they have a public purpose.

Prof. james tooley

State University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

The most important difference is “enforceability” in the private case, which of course depends in part on the issue of who pays (finance).

Because parents pay fees to the private school, they can enforce quality.

The video contains a reading of Prof. Tooley’s paper, followed by Q&A with him over Skype. Click here to read the paper.

Coming up: Part II in which the public-private issue will be analyzed in the Indian context, in light of current law and policy.